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Tiniest tensor H(div)

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Alternative namesTNT H(div)
De Rham complex families\(\left[S_{3,k}^\square\right]_{d-1}\)
Orders\(1\leqslant k\)
Reference elementsquadrilateral, hexahedron
Polynomial set\(\mathcal{Q}_{k}^d \oplus \mathcal{Z}^{(39)}_{k}\) (quadrilateral)
\(\mathcal{Q}_{k}^d \oplus \mathcal{Z}^{(40)}_{k}\) (hexahedron)
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DOFsOn each facet: normal integral moments with an order \(k\) Lagrange space
On the interior of the reference element: integral moments with \(\nabla f\) for each \(f\) in an order \(k\) Lagrange space, and integral moments with \(\nabla\times\boldsymbol{f}\) for each \(\boldsymbol{f}\) in an order \(k\) vector Lagrange space such that the tangential trace of \(\boldsymbol{f}\) on the facets of the cell is 0
Number of DOFsquadrilateral: \(2(k+1)^2 + 3\)
hexahedron: \(3(k+1)^3 + 7\)
Mappingcontravariant Piola
continuityComponents normal to facets are continuous
CategoriesVector-valued elements, H(div) conforming elements


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order 1

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